Why is brand identity so important?

Many companies entering the market, and even those present on it for a long time, are unaware of the importance of properly composed visual identity of their companies.

Visual identification is a way of building the company’s identity and awareness in the minds of the target group of their recipients, customers and contractors. It comprises every distinguishing mark, graphic and text symbol or the brand’s policy regarding communication with its recipients. It is the combination of all these elements that makes the brand recognisable, evokes positive emotions and associations, and thus it is remembered. Find out why you should invest in a solid brand identity carried out by Corpixa Studio specialists.

It’s hard to imagine a prosperous company without visual identity

A well-thought-out and consistently implemented corporate identity strategy is of great importance for its higher positioning on the market, increase of competitiveness and creating more positive associations. All of the above directly contributes to the increase of sales indicators, more effective lead reach or building brand loyalty.

It’s thanks to a skilfully carried out visual identification that companies and brands position themselves in the minds of consumers and effectively create marketing campaigns, which contribute to the company’s popularity increase.

When entering the market with a new company, brand or product without having a visual identity action plan, you cannot count on any greater success and correlated sales and marketing activities. Lack of thoughtful branding or a form of communication leads to a conscious reduction of brand’s sales profit, difficulties with breaking through with your messages sent to your target group of recipients, and to the reduction of competitiveness.

What does brand identity include?

Nowadays, the largest and most effective brands are distinguished primarily by a creative approach that evokes strong emotions in consumers and contractors, inspires reflection and stimulates thinking. Consumers describe such cooperation with brands as exciting, intriguing, intensive, and above all as a positive and memorable experience which they would love to relive.

Comprehensive brand identity includes: logo, brand name, key colours, typography, corporate identity manual, communication methods.

Those elements are responsible for building emotions, creating the need for interaction with the brand and provide consumers with the kind of lifestyle they want to experience.

Do you want your brand to evoke strong emotions and positive associations? Contact our brand identity experts and start working on a consistent and effective brand identity today.