Trends in website design in 2020

Trends in designing and creating websites are constantly evolving. They keep changing and are based on continuously improving technologies. With the arrival of 2020, we notice a true revolution in the field of designing websites for mobile applications or paying more attention to creating websites that meet the needs and expectations of users. Check the overview of the most important trends in web design in 2020.

Top 4 trends in web design in 2020

Current trends in website design are a natural evolution based on the development of flat and motion design, using the potential of mobile devices or taking care of the best UX.

Responsiveness and adaptation of the website to mobile devices

This trend has been constantly developing for several years. Currently, over 70% of network traffic is generated by users of mobile devices and everything seems to indicate that the percentage of Internet users surfing via smartphones will increase in the next few years.

Currently, websites must be responsive and adapted to display on any device and screen. The site must look good, be smooth and work properly on your desktop, tablet and, above all, on your smartphone. Websites are designed primarily for smartphones. Maintaining an appropriate RWD (Responsive Web Design) will not only ensure comfort for browsing a website, but also – thanks to Mobile First Index – will allow it to be better positioned in Google search engine.

Engaging video content

Video is currently the most engaging and converting content format on the web. Content published in the form of videos have a growing number of supporters. They are more effective in attracting the attention of recipients, facilitating the consumption of content and significantly increasing the conversion in shops and online stores. It’s worth remembering, however, that videos should be as concise as possible and relatively short, because users prefer short videos, which are no more than 2-4 minutes long.

Minimal and motion design

Functional minimalism is an almost unchanging design trend that enjoys constant recognition. Users appreciate the transparency, functionality and aesthetics of websites based on minimalist design.

A relatively new format – motion design – should also be added to the minimal design trend. It involves providing users with the most important information as soon as possible. In this way, a visitor to a website obtains the most important information about a given product, service or brand within seconds.


Bots are another solution gaining in popularity, which facilitates the user’s communication with the brand or company, allows him to obtain relevant information and perform basic interactions with the website.

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