Do you need a brand book?

brand book

Companies at the beginning of their career are very often tempted to invest in a professional image. One of its key elements is the brand book. Is it worth getting tempted and does everyone really need a brand book?

What is a brand book?

The brand book is a kind of manual for the use of the logo and is created by the author in order to facilitate the proper use and reproduction of the logotype. Each designed logo has precisely defined parameters – dimensions, typography, colours, proportions or protective field. The development of a brand book is usually the last stage of work on a company logotype. The brand book is also a set of rules that tell how the logotype is to be presented and how the brand’s visual identity is to be perceived by its target customer.

What does a brand book include?

The standard elements that make up the brand book include:

  • Logo genesis
  • Basic logo version
  • Alternative logo versions
  • Logo design
  • Protective field and basic logo field
  • Logo colouring
  • Logo typography
  • Scaling and minimum sizes of the logotype
  • Use of the logotype on various backgrounds
  • Unacceptable logo modifications

For some projects, the brand book consists of additional information – e.g. gradients.

Do you need a brand book?

Medium and large companies usually have their own brand books and use them regularly. Does this mean that every company needs a brand book?

The brand book is an essential image tool, especially in large companies. It’s associated with frequent outsourcing of visual projects to external companies or freelancers who may not know the brand. Therefore, apart from the brief, the brand book should contain all the necessary information needed to complete the order.

The brand book will not be a necessary element of visual identification in the case of sole traders or small companies whose promotion is carried out by one or two people. Similarly, the brand book will not be necessary for companies operating only locally or for businesses that don’t undertake marketing activities.

When should you consider a brand book?

Do you run a small business and wonder when you should invest in the brand book? Our experience shows that you should consider investing in the brand book, especially when:

  • The development of your company or brand depends largely on the consistency of its image;
  • The company logo is often used in social media and by business partners and contractors;
  • The company’s corporate identity is independently processed by many people.

Do you want to invest in the brand book? Contact us and let’s talk about your visual identity together!