What should you know when ordering a label and packaging design?

The packaging and the label are the product’s business card. It is the packaging and labelling of the product that first meets the customer’s eye, and its attractive design can determine whether the customer makes a purchasing decision. The product label and packaging should therefore be refined, aesthetic and evoke positive associations and emotions. What should you know when ordering a label and packaging design?

The first impression is the most important

For 60% of customers, product packaging is important when making a purchasing decision. The label and packaging is the first element the customer has contact with. In order to evoke positive emotions and associations, and to motivate people to buy, the label and packaging must be legible, aesthetically pleasing and clearly indicate which product the customer is dealing with. The first impression is the most important and therefore it should be the best.

Uniqueness and coherence with brand identity

The label and packaging of the product must distinguish it from competitors’ products. This is not about a completely innovative and risky approach, but most of all about effectively differentiating the product on the shop shelves. The more distinctive the packaging and label of a product, the greater the chance that the product will be noticed. It’s also important to ensure that the label and packaging match the brand’s visual identity.

Label and packaging talk to the customer

Product packaging and the label is a perfect place to include marketing messages, catchy claims and advertising slogans, as well as to establish contact with the consumer. By providing a clear and attractive message through the label and packaging, the brand will increase consumer confidence and effectively motivate them to buy their product.

Appropriate space arrangement

The label and packaging sizes are limited by the product dimensions. That’s why it’s so important that their design is well planned, thought out and refined. Do not overdo with the number of graphic features or excessive text, because then the label and packaging will lose its legibility and consequently their marketing message will be weakened.

The size of the labels and the management of their placement are also related to the printing bleeds, which will be cut off during printing. When designing a label, the bleed area and the print area must be taken into account and the design must be planned in such a way as to maintain its quality and aesthetics.

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